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Imagine a business built on what matters most to you.

A business inspired by creativity and connection, where purpose leads to profit and wealth is measured not just by your bottom line, but by your Higher Self.

Welcome to Work Your Inner Wisdom, a podcast and community for holistic entrepreneurs. We blend the spiritual with the practical, and we do the inner work required to create external success.

Get ready to go deep.

In the Work Your Inner Wisdom Library, you’ll discover a growing collection of resources designed to help you grow your business and enrich your life.

With new content added regularly, you’ll find exactly what you need to align your mind, heart, and soul with your CEO self.

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Finding Your Purpose Guide

1 Lessons

What's your purpose?

Who are you on this earth to be?

Big questions, I know. And it can feel daunting to even try to answer them.

That's why I created a free guide to help you along! It's waiting for you here, in the Wisdom Library

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Content Creation Meditation

1 Lessons

Ready to connect with the soul of your content?

This guided meditation will help you connect with the energy of your content and of the Universe, so that you can create from a state of aligned flow.

Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

1 Lessons

There is a way of operating in your business that doesn't require you to DO ALL THE THINGS.

Because it's not just about what you're doing in your business. It's also about how you're being in your business. 

It's about mindfulness. Download this free 17-page guide to learn more.

ACT On Your Business - Free Chapter

1 Lessons

Discover the 3 Ms - and why they are critical to business success and personal joy - in this sample chapter from ACT On Your Business.

Download your free chapter from ACT On Your Business, then email me at with your questions and thoughts. 

Six Ways to Sabotage Yourself (and what to do instead)

1 Lessons

Success is an inside job.

The good news is that you already have everything you need to create the business and life you want.

The bad news? You may be unknowingly blocking yourself from getting what you want.

But not for long. Download your free 14-page guide, and start moving closer to the business and life you want. 

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